Missionary Health Care

Here are some important details about Missionary Health Care:

The cost of providing insurance for Nazarene missionaries is quite high. In fact, the cost for health insurance alone for a year is approximately $1.9 million, and the costs continue to rise. Yet the Church of the Nazarene wants its missionaries to be able to serve and not worry about where they will scrape up the cost of the next premium.

Nazarene Missions International has helped subsidize some of these funds since as early as 1919. Through your giving to the Memorial Roll, Distinguished Service Award, Gifts from the Heart, and Missionary Health Care plate offerings, you helped offset approximately 23 percent of those insurance costs. Thank you!

The remaining 77 percent of the insurance costs is provided by the World Evangelism Fund. So two important facts to remember are:

  • The more money that comes in for Missionary Health Care, the more money from World Evangelism Fund can be used specifically for evangelism. 
  • Giving to World Evangelism Fund affects many aspects of missions in the Church of the Nazarene.

We want to take this time to thank you for remembering our missionaries this month by taking an offering for Missionary Health Care!  Please take a moment to consider giving a Distinguished Service Award to one of the hard workers in your congregation.  Don’t forget to honor those who have gone on to heaven through the Memorial Roll.  Gifts from the Heart is another way to help provide health care for our missionaries.

God bless you as you serve Him!

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