Mission Education

Dear Missions President,

Knowledge is key to involvement. With an understanding of the needs of the world and what the church is doing to meet those needs, we are more likely to commit to the support of missions through prayer, giving, communication, and going.

That’s why we emphasize Mission Education in the month of April – well, we really emphasize it every month.

Learning takes place in a variety of venues. Experiences, listening to and reading stories, and getting to know missionaries on a personal level enhance mission awareness.

  • Use of age-appropriate curricula and NMI reading books/tapes provide learning opportunities and activities designed to engage people of all ages in missions.
    Children's Mission Education
    Youth Mission Education
    Adult Mission Education
  • For multicultural congregations, the International Mission Education Journal is a curriculum piece that includes mission education lessons for adults and children. It is produced in English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese. Churches should contact their district NMI president for more information on this resource.
  • The hands-on experiences of Volunteer Opportunities programs often provide opportunities for people to see missions firsthand.
  • Audiovisuals offer people the ability to "see and hear" missions. Each church receives an annual audiovisual catalog.
  • Deputation services, Faith Promise conventions, district-sponsored events with a missionary speaker, and the presence of missionaries-in-residence at youth and children's camps allow for interaction between missionaries and the people who support them through their giving and prayers.

God bless you as you use every opportunity to educate the people in your congregation about missions – at home and abroad!

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