Churches across the district organize short term mission trips to other world areas.

For information on attending or organizing a trip, contact our council Work and Witness coordinator Ralph Goodwin

See below for the upcoming trips our churches have scheduled.

ChurchProjectDatesContact Person
Chicago First SNAD Headquarters Building Upkeep 9/23 to 9/30 Kathy Bravo
Manteno Costa Rica North District Center 7/8 to 7/17 Ricia Harders
Crystal Lawns & Morris Costa Rica North District Center 7/29 to 8/7 Ralph Goodwin
hurricane matthew

Nazarenes Respond in Aftermath of Matthew

As Hurricane Matthew pushed its way from the Caribbean to the Carolinas, it left mass devastation in its path. Although the storm has been downgraded to a post-tropical cyclone, the flooding created is still wreaking havoc along the southeastern coast of the United States.

To support the critical needs, you can give online at

Read more about the hurricane and it's aftermath here.

The Memorial Roll presentation is at the NMI Convention on Saturday, April 9.

The Memorial Roll, established in 1919, is a way to honor deceased friends and loved ones. A certificate is issued in the name of the person memorialized and is often presented to a family member or displayed in the church.
The DEADLINE for getting names and photos of Memorial Roll persons from your church for inclusion in the presentation is Saturday, March 26.
(NOTICE: Only the name you submit will be projected unless you send a quality facial photograph along with the name.)
Send to: Dr. William Bell at -- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Purchase Memorial Roll certificates immediately at:



Tropical Cyclone Pam, a category 5 storm, slammed into the Vanuatu islands in the Melanesia South Pacific Field late in the evening of Friday, March 13. As winds started to subside in the early hours Saturday morning, a trail of destruction was left behind. Dozens of deaths have been reported, and heavy winds and rain have destroyed many homes and crops.

According to on-the-ground reports, streets are littered with debris and upturned trees, and entire villages have been blown away.

Cyclone Pam came ashore reportedly with 160 mph winds, gusting to 195 mph (257 kph gusts to 315 kph). The Bureau of Meteorology is calling Cyclone Pam “one of the most intense cyclones ever recorded in the southern hemisphere.”

There are 11 local Nazarene churches in Vanuatu. The church leaders in Vanuatu are requesting prayer and support as they work to minister to members and neighbors who have been affected by this devastating storm. 


To support Nazarene disaster response efforts, visit the NCM website at:
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