Missionaries on Deputation

TO SCHEDULE A MISSIONARY for your church please contact Rebecca Schnurr:

Email – ccddeputation@gmail.com

Chad & Crystal Gibbons

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Field: Armenia / Eurasia Region
Tour Dates: 7 – 17 May 2023

Sunday 5/7/23 AMSchedule
Sunday 5/7/23 PMSchedule
Monday 5/8/23Schedule
Tuesday 5/9/23Schedule
Wednesday 5/10/23Schedule
Thursday 5/11/23Schedule
Friday 5/12/23Schedule
Saturday 5/13/23Schedule
Sunday 5/14/23 AMSchedule
Sunday 5/14/23 PMSchedule
Monday 5/15/23Schedule
Tuesday 5/16/23Schedule
Wednesday 5/17/23Schedule
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Bruce & Cinda McKellips

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Field: Portugal / Eurasia Region
Tour Dates: 11 – 24 October 2023

Wednesday 10/11/23Schedule
Thursday 10/12/23Schedule
Friday 10/13/23Schedule
Saturday 10/14/23Schedule
Sunday 10/15/23 AMSchedule
Sunday 10/15/23 PMSchedule
Monday 10/16/23Schedule
Tuesday 10/17/23Schedule
Wednesday 10/18/23Schedule
Thursday 10/19/23Schedule
Friday 10/20/23Schedule
Saturday 10/21/23Schedule
Sunday 10/22/23 AMSchedule
Sunday 10/22/23 PMSchedule
Monday 10/23/23Schedule
Tuesday 10/24/23Schedule
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